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Job Title
George Washington Carver Academy - 4th Grade Certified Teacher
$50-$70K Annually
United States
Job Type
Full Time On-site
09 March, 2024

Company Description

Welcome to Midwest Management Group, Inc. (“Midwest”). For over 20 years Midwest has been a professional employer organization (PEO) partner in Michigan’s for-profit and nonprofit sectors. Midwest continues to succeed as evidenced by the company’s fiscal stability, track record for success, and by customizing the partnership approach for each partner.

  • Primary School Teacher · Secondary English



  1. Must have a valid State of Michigan Teaching Certificate with the appropriate endorsement(s) for the subject area(s) being taught.
  2. Bachelor’s Degree required; Master’s Degree preferred.
  3. Minimum 3 years teaching.
  4. Must have evidence of meeting highly qualified requirements, as defined by No Child Left Behind.
  5. Ability to teach and develop curriculum for assigned grade level(s).

NATURE OF THE POSITION:  This position is responsible for fostering students’ interest in education as well as academic development. The incumbent must possess a mastery command of the Michigan Academic Standards for their respective discipline and be a competent professional with in-depth knowledge of instructional best practices and educational methods and procedures specific to the secondary classroom.



  1. Plan, prepare and deliver lesson plans and instructional materials that facilitate active learning and are in line with State of Michigan objectives and school-wide curriculum goals.
  2. Use relevant technology to support and differentiate instruction.
  3. Encourage and monitor the progress of individual students and use information to adjust teaching strategies.
  4. Help individual students who are behind or struggling to learn content.
  5. Collaborate with other Teachers to develop lesson plans and improve the overall learning process.
  6. Communication with students and parents regarding student progress and/or needs.
  7. Establish and communicate clear objectives for all learning activities.
  8. Manage student behavior in the classroom by establishing and enforcing rules and procedures.
  9. Maintain discipline in accordance with the rules and disciplinary systems of the school.
  10. Understanding of how to use formative, summative, and interim assessment data to inform daily instruction.
  11. Ability to create classroom assessments that effectively measure student proficiency levels as demonstrated by the Michigan Academic Standards.



Position requires frequent standing and walking throughout building and school grounds.  Ability to stoop, crouch, kneel and bend occasionally.  Occasionally lifts and carries materials or items weighing up to 25 pounds.  Ability to use senses - sight, hearing, smell, and touch.  Ability to type; uses hand/eye coordination for typing and data entry.



Satisfactory criminal background check.



  1. Demonstrate interest in the work of the Academy and a strong commitment to moral values and dedication to providing an excellent early educational foundation for children that will enable them to be motivated and excited learners.
  2. Establish and maintain work performance standards in line with those standards established by the Academy.
  3. Communicate effectively with students and parents regarding information, policies, and procedures. 
  4. Demonstrate the willingness and ability to work with people in a team environment.
  5. Ensure confidentiality of all student and Academy privileged information.
  6. Maintain positive, cooperative, and mutually supportive relationships with the Board, Authorizer, students, parents, fellow teachers, co-workers, and the community.